FYSA Theatre is keen to engage local amateur dramatic groups at this landmark moment in both Yorkshire’s history. The educational element, both from a theatrical and historical point of view, is substantial and we would like to open up a conversation with the foundation about the best way to facilitate this. Since its formation, FYSA Theatre has facilitated workshops for over 1,000 students and more mature groups in the Sheffield community.

One of the most effective ways that we have engaged various audiences with the events of The Bradford City Fire is the show itself. We would therefore like to extend the opportunity for your group to run a school trip to see ‘The 56’ at Barnsley Civic on Friday the 13th of March. Ticket prices vary across all venues and are typically priced between £7.50 and £12.00. All proceeds of the show go to Bradford University Burns Research Unit. Due to the educational value of the show, we are keen to engage as many ages as possible with the show.

‘The 56’ is advertised at a 13+ due to some of the content in the show.

A discount for groups of 10+ and a free pass to our post-show Q&A is available. This, however, needs to be negotiated on a one on one basis.

FYSA Theatre is primarily focused in providing a series of free theatre workshops for amateur dramatic groups interested in verbatim theatre. We always try and tailor our workshops to the needs of the particular group we are visiting. We are presently offering an option of two workshops in spring 2015:

  • Working with groups that are theatrically minded, our dedicated outreach team will run a series of workshops on the topic of verbatim in order to enhance their skills their skills and understanding in a warm, welcoming and professional environment.

Over the past four months, members of FYSA have studied and spoken with various leading professionals in verbatim theatre by industry professionals such as David Hare (National Theatre), Nicholas Kent (Tricycle Theatre), Max Stafford-Clarke (Out of Joint Theatre Company) and Richard Norton Taylor (Tricycle Theatre)*. With careers spanning several decades, these practitioners have all influenced our unique approach to the verbatim genre. Taking what we have learnt from these professionals, our workshops will seek to give a taster into how the every-day can be turned into a piece of theatre. These sessions will be engaging with the topic of verbatim as a whole rather than looking directly at the events surrounding The Bradford City Fire.

Our workshops are always run in a warm, friendly environment wherein we cater to a range of different needs and abilities.

The length of workshops varies and can be accommodated to fit your timetable. Usually, they last between 60 and 90 minutes.

*Please note these workshops are not endorsed by any of the aforementioned parties.

  • In the run up to the 30th anniversary of the fire, FYSA Theatre aims to sensitively engage pupils with a range of historical talks about the Bradford City Fire. Looking at the themes of community solidarity, individual acts of bravery and the legacy of Bradford University Burns Research Unit. This lecture would last 30-40 minutes. Set in an informal setting, these talks are designed to broaden understanding of what happened on the day. With the various connections that we have made within the local community, we could also look into bringing contemporary witnesses and present BCFC fans to discuss their experiences with FYSA Theatre and their unique perspective on the event. An event rarely discussed outside the realms of Yorkshire, we also want to answer any questions that pupils may have so that they are well informed for the 30th

Please note that all our presentations are written with complete sensitivity and understanding of its audience.

Unlike many theatre companies, FYSA Theatre is looking to establish and create a working relationship with you for both ‘The 56’ and future projects. We have deliberately kept some of the options and scope for these workshops open, with the intention of finding a fit that best suits a company and FYSA.

If you are interested in booking one of these workshops, please contact our dedicated outreach team on fysaoutreach@gmail.com .These workshops are distributed on a first come, first served basis. Bookings in certain cities are nearly full, so please do get in touch soon to register your interest and check availability.