Since the formation of FYSA, our dedicated outreach team have delivered workshops for over 1,000 children within the Sheffield community. Specifically targeted at areas with low arts participation, we are one of the few organizations that have delivered such a sustained and well-recognized service in the local area.

Both the delivery and the content of the workshops were very successful and proved an excellent tool for developing student confidence. I will certainly be recommending them to other schools in the learning partnership.

Subject Teacher for Drama – Stocksbridge High School

As well as increasing my drama skills it also taught me that I can work well with people I don’t normally hang around with. He gave me the confidence to get involved.

A Year 9 Student – Stocksbridge High School

In 2013, FYSA developed its outreach initiative to include a number of first year bachelor students in English and Theatre at The University of Sheffield. In the autumn they shadowed our workshop team and in the spring they delivered their own workshops. These students will play an active role in schools throughout our tour. Feedback from these workshops included:

I really enjoyed working with university students; it has made me think about what I might like to do at University.

GCSE Drama Student – Forge Valley Community School

The students claimed the workshop was inspirational and said it helped them to see Lord of The Flies from a new and exciting perspective.

Head of Drama – Birkdale School

FYSA Workshops