Kurama Tengu – Persona 5 Guide

Kurama Tengu – Persona 5 Guide

Kurama Tengu – Persona 5 Guide

The following page contains the information on the Persona Kurama Tengu from Persona

9 вещей, которые я хотел бы знать до того, как начал играть в Persona 5

To help you make the most of Persona 5, we’ve put together a few tips to improve the stats you want and make the friends you need to conquer the Palaces.
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Persona 5 Royal #29 ~ Kurama Tengu

What’s up everyone SkyStrike here and welcome to my play through of Persona 5 Royal Merciless Mode!
Do you want to follow the same guide I’m following for Social Stats and Confidants here’s the link:
#Persona5Royal #Merciless #100percent

Persona 5 Royal – Kurama Tengu Skip Setup

This allows you to do it sort of consistently. Sadly there is still some RNG to it because the guard not on the side of the boss moves randomly, and can block you from sliding under if you’re unlucky.