Poisonbone Dart – Elden Ring Guide

Poisonbone Dart – Elden Ring Guide

Poisonbone Dart – Elden Ring Guide

The Poisonbone Dart is one of the many offensive Consumables found throughout Elden Ring, and can be thrown at targets to inflict minor

Elden Ring – Infinite Poisonbone Dart Location

Elden Ring tutorial unlimited Poisonbone Darts location. Poisonbone Darts are so useful and I don’t understand why more people don’t use them. Obviously they poison most enemies which is awesome by itself but they also can be thrown so fast and do decent damage on top of that. I killed 2nd faze Malekith with basically just darts so if they can kill a strong end game boss like him then they can be used anywhere. I highly recommend using darts and pots for extra damage or for a midrange option for close combat people. They can be bought or crafted easily so you can even get a ton of them and have them stored for any fight

Elden Ring: All Quests in Order + Missable Content – Ultimate Guide – Part 1 (Limgrave)

Elden Ring Walkthrough of all Quests, NPCs, Invaders, and other missable content, in order. The Best and Most Complete Elden Ring Guide, great for new/beginner players, but also if you’re experienced and just don’t want to miss anything. In Part 1, we do everything important in Limgrave before heading to Liurnia.

0:00 – Intro and overview of NPCs and Quests in Limgrave
0:35 – Grafted Scion boss
1:00 – “Strength!” Gesture
1:14 – Starting Varre Quest and where to get Crafting Kit and Whetstone Knife
1:46 – Meeting Melina and Ranni/Renna NPCs (Where to get Torrent and the Spirit Calling Bell)
2:35 – Starting Roderika Quest (Where to get “Sitting Sideways” Gesture and Spirit Jellyfish Ashes)
3:06 – Meeting Bernahl NPC and Warning About NPCs (Don’t attack them! and what Absolution can/cannot fix)
3:49 – Where to find Recusant Henricus Invader (Where to get Hammer Talisman)
4:10 – Starting Alexander Questline (“Triumphant Delight” gesture)
4:41 – Where to get Map Fragment for eastern Limgrave (Mistwood Ruins)
4:51 – Starting D, Hunter of the Dead quest
5:41 – Where to find Anastasia Tarnished-Eater Invader in Caelid (Where to get Sacred Scorpion Charm Talisman)
6:19 – Meeting Roundtable Hold NPCs (Gideon, Diallos, Corhyn, D, Fia, Hewg, and Ensha the “Edge Lord”)
6:41 – How to get “Prayer” and “What Do You Want?” Gestures (and how to get rid of the red square health debuff)
7:23 – Mad Tongue Alberich Invader (how to get “Reverential Bow” Gesture)
8:00 – Gael Tunnel Walkthrough (Where to find Alexander Quest after Limgrave)
9:45 – Sacred Blade Ash of War, Wondrous Physick Flask, and Sacred Tear
10:21 – Melina NPC Interaction at Third Church of Marika and Meeting Gurranq (Beasts Eye and Clawmark Seal)
11:00 – Completing D’s quest (early access to Golden Order incantations)
11:14 – Starting Kenneth Haight Quest and Blaidd Quest (Howling near the Mistwood Ruins)
11:39 – Liberating Fort Haight, Where to get Bloody Slash Ash of War and Dectus Medallion (Left)
11:59 – Where/How to get “Finger Snap” Gesture from Kale and Meeting Blaidd NPC at Mistwood Ruins
12:24 – Wrapping up Kenneth Haight Quest for now (Erdsteel Dagger)
12:42 – Boc The Seamster NPC (Starting Boc’s Quest)
13:09 – Where to find Smithing Stone [1] (Limgrave Tunnels)
13:20 – Meeting Sellen NPC and starting Sellen Quest (“Nod in Thought” Gesture)
13:56 – Summon Blaidd to fight Bloodhound Knight Darriwil (Bloodhound’s Fang & Blaidd Quest)
14:30 – Meeting Irina (Starting Irina Questline) and where to get Weeping Peninsula Map Fragment
14:55 – Where to get 3 Sacred Tears
15:26 – Melina at Church of Pilgrimage, Opaline Bubbletear, Lantern, and Zweihander
16:20 – Where to find Irina’s Father, Edgar (Castle Morne Walkthrough)
17:27 – Where to get Grafted Blade Greatsword (Castle Morne Walkthrough)
19:25 – Finishing Irina quest
19:56 – Where to start Yura Quest (Flying Dragon Agheel)
20:30 – Boc Quest (Sewing Needle) and Church of Dragon Communion
21:26 – Yura Quest (Bloody Finger Nerijus Invader) and Final Yura Location in Limgrave
21:57 – Where to start Patches Quest, how to get “Grovel For Mercy” Gesture
22:25 – How to get “Extreme Repentance” and “Calm Down!” Gestures
23:02 – How to summon Sorcerer Rogier for Margit Boss Fight
23:23 – Starting Gatekeep Gostoc Quest
23:40 – Stormveil Castle Main Gate Walkthrough
24:13 – Nepheli Quest Requirement (Defeat Lion Guardian) and Walkthrough to Liftside Chamber
25:08 – Where to get Chrysalid’s Memento (Roderika Quest) and Rogier Stormveil Castle Location
26:44 – Optional Rogier Dialogue and Gatekeeper Gostoc Location
27:18 – Completing Roderika Quest and unlocking Roderika’s Spirit Tuning/Upgrading ability
27:52 – Starting Nepheli Quest (Where to find Nepheli in Stormveil Castle)
28:21 – Defeating Godrick The Grafted and Gostoc Location
28:53 – Where to activate Godrick’s Great Rune
29:04 – Finishing Nepheli Quest in Limgrave/Roundtable Hold, Arsenal Charm Talisman, and what to do if Nepheli isn’t showing up
29:28 – Varre Quest/General Progression – Speak with Finger Reader Enia at Roundtable Hold
29:43 – Rogier Quest (Rogier’s Rapier +8) and Varre Quest (“Bravo” Gesture)
30:04 – Rogier Quest, Walkthrough to Corpse Under Stormveil Castle (Rancorcall Sorcery and Prince of Death’s Pustule Talisman)
32:31 – Rogier Quest, asking Rogier about the corpse under Stormveil and about D, Hunter of the Dead
32:47 – Rogier/Fia Quest, asking Fia about the Black Knifeprint (Knifeprint Clue)
33:10 – Hyetta Quest (First Shabriri Grape Location) and entering Liurnia
33:21 – Closing Remarks and where to get more help with stuff in Limgrave

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